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Why Privacy Fight Against Face Recognition is a Losing Battle

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Despite an effort from civil right groups and the pro privacy sentiment in the media, the use of face recognition technology is expanding far beyond governmental applications. Catching the Bad Guys isn’t Bad The use of face recognition applications has been historically associated with law enforcement agencies such as police, airports and border control. Being able to identify suspects without the need to first interact with them, creates unique and powerful defense weapon. Arresting the criminal or the terrorist before the crime is committed can save lives and money, and inarguably we all should feel comfortable when using a face recognition technology if this is the case. Or shouldn’t we? The authors of the latest report “Unregulated Police Face Recognition in

The Brussels Attacks – The Face Recognition Angle

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There is no doubt it is extremely difficult to stop a brained washed suicide bomber from blowing up. The inhuman desire to massacre unprotected civilians combined with the will to die while not needing to escape the crime scene, make a suicide attack less complicated to execute. Adding the fact that many suicide bombers have no criminal or terrorist record makes them even more difficult to spot and to stop in time. However, this wasn’t remotely the case with the horrendous Brussels attacks last week. Criminal and Terror History Terrorism Activity History – The Suicide Bombers All three suicide bombers – brothers Khalid and Brahim el-Bakraoui and – Najim Laachraoui who executed the attacks were known to the Belgium authorities. Very well-known according to the

Face Recognition – Don’t Reinvent The Wheel

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The face recognition software space is expanding, and you’ve just got a great idea for a new face recognition product or app. What should you do? Be it a desktop, web or mobile you basically have two options for developing your application. The first is to develop the face recognition technology yourself and then build your product around it, and the second option is to focus on creating your product by tapping into an existing face recognition software or technology. Here are the obvious reasons why you should choose the latter: Budget Robust face recognition software is usually the fruit of a large research team of PhD’s and engineers working together for many years. Is your budget big enough? Can you really afford it? Time To Market Money is only one part of the

Face Recognition – Keeping Up with Technology Advancements

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The use of Face Recognition Software has been traditionally dominated by the security industry. Video surveillance and identification applications are widely used in airports, and in police and army facilities. Nevertheless, a new civic branch of face recognition is emerging. From demographic analysis applications such as counting people in the crowd, telling their sex and age and even mood, through social apps, games and even a smartphone app that recognizes celebrities, face recognition revolutionizes old ways of doing things. Overwhelming advancements in technology over the years have allowed the development of new applications in almost every field. Following are the major advancements in technology that are also most relevant to face recognition: From Commodore To 6 Core With