Face Recognition

Casino Face Recognition Software by Face-Six

Implementing Face-Six facial recognition software at your Casino will allow you to improve your security and operations, and enhance your risk management by adding a real time facial recognition layer to your arsenal of means. Casino Facial Recognition by Face-Six is a high-end face recognition based video surveillance system, designed to track and identify black listed people, high rollers and basically anyone you enrol into system’s data base.

Our powerful Casino Facial Recognition Software and Video Surveillance System – Fa61 will automatically:

  • Identify your VIP’s and track their whereabouts
  • Stop unwanted and blacklisted individuals at the door
  • Track employees whereabouts and behaviour
  • Provide visitor demographics such as visitor count, age, gender and ethnicity
  • You can easily create and manage your own watch list. Furthermore, it also allows you to convert an already stored list from the database
  • Ability to create user defined events and receive instant alerts based on these events (SMS, email, desktop)
  • Allows you to control numerous locations and cameras using one consul
  • Smart yet user friendly interface
  • Use as access control
  • Simple but smart user interface
  • Comes as a complete turnkey solution
  • Can be customized to meet any user requirements

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