Home Security Software

Home Security Software with Face Recognition by Face Six

Face-Six brings face recognition technology to your doorstep or better yet, to your door’s cam. Imagine the exciting capabilities of face recognition, now at your fingertips at an affordable price.

Fa6 – Our powerful Home Security Software with Face Recognition Video Surveillance System for home will:

  • Identify you and your family members and automatically unlock your door
  • Detect faces near your home and send face’s pic to your mobile phone/email
  • Provide a detailed log of all faces caught on your cameras
  • Integrate itself into your existing home system – no need to buy a new system
  • Build and manage your own “Approved Faces”
  • Receive Instant alerts based on user defined events (SMS, email, desktop)
  • Use as access control
  • Simple but smart web user interface for numerous cameras
  • Comes as a complete integrated solution

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