Facial Recognition Software

Facial Recognition Software by Face-Six for Law Enforcement Agencies

Our Facial recognition technology provides law enforcement agencies the right tools to do their job efficiently and accurately:
Use Face-Six to:

  • Identify suspects or find missing persons
  • Match faces in photos, video and sketches to image databases of known criminals
  • Monitor and verify who is entering jails and prisons, and catch individuals who may be under warrants.

Our Examiner toolset allows you to:

  • Improve the quality of images
  • Use pose correction
  • Compare images side by side
  • Measure facial features
  • Get quick results and react fast after a crime has been committed

Mobile Identity Check

Police, intelligence, and military forces can identify suspects in the field using mobile devices.
Our face recognition mobile app captures a suspect photo and matches it against an images database on a central server.

Spot Suspects Instantly in the field – minimize risk, save time and effort

  • You can build and manage your own watch list or you can also convert a list from an existing database
  • Receive instant alerts (SMS, email, desktop) on triggering of user defined events
  • Ability to control numerous locations and cameras from one consul
  • Use as access control
  • Simple but smart user interface

Match facial sketches against criminals’ database

Facial Sketch Matching

Spot Suspects on the Fly

Spot Suspects on the Fly

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