Face Recognition

Retail Face Recognition Software by Face-Six

Face-Six offers face recognition based video surveillance system to corporates, shopping malls, chain stores, shops, and advertisers. Our retail facial recognition  system is designed to identify multiple individuals from live video streams in real time, and to provide demographics and people flow analytics.

Whether you want to track your employees, count your visitors, watch their flow patterns or apply targeted advertising, our retail facial recognition software provide you with the right functionality:

  • Demographics/People Analytics
    • Know the exact number of visitors and keep an eye on your most frequent visitors
    • Detailed reports about the visitor demographics (age, gender)
    • Use anonymous statistical data to:
      • Plan marketing campaigns enhance interior design
      • Align merchandise and advertising placement
      • Plan staffing resources
  •  Recognition of Authorized Personnel, VIPs or Frequent Visitors
    • Grants access to restricted areas
    • Alerts staff to provide special treatment to valued customers
  • People flow
    • Ability to measure crowds and find waiting time in any area
    • Allows you to alert security staff and directs traffic
  • Smart Signs
    • Detects age and gender of the audience and display targeted
  • Create your own watch list. You can also convert a list from an already stored database
  • Ability to receive real-time alerts (SMS, email, desktop) based on defined events that you can easily create
  • Controls numerous locations and cameras from one consul
  • Intuitive user interface

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